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About Simulation Curriculum Corp.:

Simulation Curriculum is at the forefront of innovation in astronomy, known for our flagship products SkySafari and Starry Night, the leading astronomy applications for mobile and desktop. We are dedicated to enhancing the stargazing experience through continuous exploration and boundary-pushing advancements. With our “Powered by SkySafari” partnerships, we provide enthusiasts across the globe with unparalleled access to the marvels of the cosmos, setting a benchmark for interactive stargazing experiences.


Simulation Curriculum Corp.

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About Pegasus Astro Co Ltd:

At Pegasus Astro, we're not just a brand; we're a vibrant community of stargazers, astrophotographers, and engineers fueled by our shared passion for the cosmos. Our mission is to empower your astronomical pursuits with innovative, meticulously crafted products that bring the marvels of the universe within reach. From our roots in Corinth, Greece, inspired by the legendary Winged Horse Pegasus, we're committed to providing astrophotography enthusiasts with top-notch solutions. With over 15 years of expertise and hands-on involvement in astrophotography, we understand your needs intimately and strive to exceed your expectations. Every product undergoes rigorous testing in our facilities, reflecting our unwavering dedication to precision and excellence as we serve the global astronomy community.


Pegasus Astro

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