SmartEye™ Press Release

Introducing SmartEye™: The World's First Smart Eyepiece for Telescopes

USA/Greece, April 15, 2024 – Prepare to observe the universe in a whole new light with the launch of SmartEye™, the world’s first smart eyepiece for telescopes. Crafted by Pegasus Astro and powered by Simulation Curriculum’s award-winning SkySafari app, SmartEye™ seamlessly blends the visual experience of looking through a traditional eyepiece with the unmatched light-gathering capabilities of cutting-edge imaging sensor technology.

From the very moment you peer through SmartEye™ innovative digital display, you're transported into a realm where every star shines brighter, every galaxy reveals its secrets, and every nebula dances with vibrant hues.

Michael Goodman, CEO of Simulation Curriculum Corp., shares his excitement: "SmartEye™ isn't just about observing the universe; it's about experiencing it in ways previously unimaginable. By integrating our software expertise with Pegasus Astro's hardware innovation, we're proud to offer enthusiasts a seamless, intuitive experience that enhances their connection with the night sky."

SmartEye™ enhances the view seen through any small telescope, delivering vibrant color images that transport you beyond the limits of traditional eyepiece viewing. The immersive ultra-high-resolution display at the top of the eyepiece becomes your personal portal to the universe, giving you the sensation of floating in space. With its cutting-edge image enhancement technology, SmartEye™ adapts seamlessly to varying observing conditions, providing the sensation of peering through a much larger telescope and revealing breathtaking detail in every observation.

Evans Souglakos, of Pegasus Astro, adds, "SmartEye™ is more than just a telescope accessory; it represents a leap forward in eyepiece design and imaging technology. Our integration with SkySafari has allowed us to merge state-of-the-art hardware with intuitive software, resulting in a product that empowers users at every level of expertise. From beginners to seasoned astronomers and imagers, SmartEye™ offers a user-friendly, immersive experience that unlocks the mysteries of the cosmos."

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Thanks to its low-light sensitivity sensor, SmartEye™ continuously collects photons, dynamically improving the view of celestial objects over time. Additionally, the image displayed in the eyepiece can also be viewed on your smartphone. SmartEye™ doubles as a versatile astro-camera, capable of capturing and storing raw astronomical files for later computer processing. Transition effortlessly from live viewing to preserving celestial moments with ease.

Connectivity is at the heart of the SmartEye™ experience. Seamlessly integrate with the award-winning SkySafari mobile application to unlock a treasure trove of knowledge about the universe. Whether you're seeking to identify constellations or delve into the mysteries of deep space, SmartEyeTM and SkySafari are your guides to the cosmos.

Join us in embracing the future of stargazing with SmartEye™ – where every glance into the heavens becomes an adventure, and every observation unveils a new wonder. The universe awaits – are you ready to explore?

SmartEye™, crafted by Pegasus Astro and powered by SkySafari, is Patent Pending (2024). For more information, visit


Pegasus Astro

Evangelos Souglakos

Simulation Curriculum Corp.

Michael Goodman


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